Geomatics, what is it?

Nowadays, with the advent of computers, the processing of geographic information has been completely upset! It is primarily the process of cartographic production that is automated, moving from the traditional method of drawing table on the computer-aided drafting.
Thus, geographical information on a digital map are translated in the form of points, lines or polygons which are attached descriptive databases, providing additional information on each item. The information fields of the descriptive database used to perform selections or classifications to produce maps or specific spatial analyzes ..
today we speak of geomatics. Geomatics is a relatively new discipline that integrates computer technologies to Earth Sciences. This is nothing less than modern geography!


The geomatics sciences

To provide specialists and managers with a geomatics quality product, including specific data and current as possible, several sciences are called upon.

studying the shape and dimensions of the Earth, and the location of points on its surface. Geodesy is used in the early mapping, remote sensing, civil engineering, land or space navigation. It ensures the positioning of geographic databases necessary for geographic information systems.

Topometry: used to collect and record in the field, measurements of angles and distances.

Photogrammetry: uses aerial photographs to make the interpretation, positioning and taking action visible topographical details.

The survey determines the position and the boundary of a property, a building or an administrative territory from the analysis of the securities laws, regulations and previous surveys. The transaction may include the creation of an official territorial designation and establishment of ground references to, among others, to reconstruct all times the perimeter of the land or territory.

Remote sensing:
collects information on a target on the ground, and by analyzing and interpreting images taken from platforms such as satellites.

allows the geographical representation of natural and artificial elements of a territory within a terrestrial coordinate system.